Slideshow: Solidarity Sing-a-long

The Monday before Wisconsin’s historic recall marked day 382 for the pro-union ‘Solidarity Sing-a-long,’ a daily weekday protest inside and outside the state Capitol building that began in the wake of last year’s collective bargaining protests.

I talked to sing-a-long participants for today’s story about local law enforcement joining forces ahead of tomorrow’s recall, and snapped pictures as the singers ran through ‘Solidarity Forever’ and more.

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All images are Copyright Alison Bauter.

Please don’t take them without my permission. If you want to use an image, just ask! :) Comment here or email

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2 responses to “Slideshow: Solidarity Sing-a-long

  1. Thanks Alison for these great photos of the singalong yesterday – you have a good eye – and captured well the positive energy of this grassroots social movement! Judy Miner

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