imageAlison Bauter (@abauter) is a Wisconsin-based politics and business reporter, currently covering small business, technology and finance for The Milwaukee Business Journal.

Her work has spurred reforms in the state Department of Justice, uncovered workplace harassment in local government and highlighted the damaging stigma of mental illness.

She cut her teeth as a student journalist at The University of Wisconsin, covering the 2011 collective bargaining protests and subsequent recalls that roiled Wisconsin. She’s since interviewed dozens of Wisconsin’s major political figures, including Congressman Paul Ryan, Governor Scott Walker, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke, Speaker of the Assembly Robin Vos and more.

Bauter’s passion for journalism fuels her interest to break and spread the news through video, audio, print and/or photojournalism, and always with a heavy emphasis on social media.

Browse this site for:
–  work samples
contact information

Find her on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter to keep up with the latest. For more personal posts on the journalism industry, travel, longreads and life, please visit abauter.tubmblr.com

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